10 Tips to Ease Your Packing Dilemmas

10 Tips to Ease Your Packing Dilemmas

The best trip is a well-planned trip. Vacations require a lot of preparation and work, but when done right, the end result is always worth it! The quality family time and fun-filled memories are irreplaceable.

 Okay, we are getting ahead of ourselves. First things first, packing! Many parents consider packing a rather daunting task, especially if you have multiple kids.


 Don’t let packing get the best of you! You can do this! Here are a few tips to help you get your trip started off on the right foot.

 Clothes: Bring extra, primarily for the kiddos. Children are messy, and accidents happen. A clean, fresh outfit is an easy way to save the day.

 Snacks: Make them kid-friendly. Nothing is worse than a hangry child. Get a variety of foods as well. Kids can be finicky when away from their usual day-to-day schedule. What tastes good one day might be appalling another.

 Essentials: Keep your must-haves together in a lightweight bag. This will be your most prized possession of the trip packed with your wallet, passport, flight itinerary, hotel information, etc. You could even consider stuffing in your medications, contact lenses, and phone chargers.

Electronics: Don’t forget to download your child’s favorite show. That way when cell or Internet service fails you, a movie will still be accessible. Also, double check you have the correct headphones, adapters, and portable chargers with you.

Toiletries: By the end of a long trip, the last thing you want to do is pack away wet, slimy bathroom items. Bring disposable razors and toothbrushes that can easily be discarded. Same goes for hair products and toothpaste. Take travel size.

Music: Comprise a music playlist beforehand. When everyone is getting irritable from a long day in the car, belting out some good tunes can be a mood changer.

 Bedtime Necessities: You do not want to disturb your bedtime routine. Tired kids make for grumpy kids. Grab your child’s BuddyBagz sleeping bag and they will be set for a restful night.  

 Books: Activity books. Sticker books. Magnet books. Reading books. And yes, the typical coloring books with crayons are helpful as well.

 Comfort Items: Think of all the things your child needs to feel safe and calm away from home. This list might include a certain blanket, night-light, or sound machine. (BuddyBagz for the win!)

Toys: A new toy does wonders. It does not need to be large or expensive. The “new” factor is enough to capture a child’s attention.

 Feeling ready for the best vacation ever?! Our children’s products are the perfect way to ease those packing dilemmas. While you are getting the big stuff ready to go, let your little ones pack up their own BuddyBagz.

 On your mark, get set, enjoy! Off you go on your well-planned trip!

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