Care Instructions

Welcome to the BuddyBagz family!

Below are a few suggestions/information we wanted to share to ensure you were getting the most out of your Buddy.

The sleeping bag is fully machine washable, please unzip and remove the Buddyz Head and unzip and remove the actual light from the tail/bat before washing- if you have a washer bag please use so that the toggles and zippers don’t get caught on anything. Please do not put the sleeping bag in the dryer instead lay the sleeping bag out flat to dry.

To start enjoying the nightlight- please unzip the tail/bat and remove the circular light. We have included batteries but you will need to unscrew the lights top in order to access the batteries. In between the batteries is a tiny sheet of paper that needs to be removed, reassemble the two batteries, screw on the top and then turn slightly to turn on the light. To turn off the light- turn slightly the opposite direction. Please remember to turn off the nightlight since it runs on batteries.

When using the included overnight bag rolled up in the sleeping bag- please use the attachable gray backpack straps to carry as a backpack (attach once sleeping bag is rolled up). It is easier and comfier to use the straps from whichever “part” is heavier- which in this case is the interior bag when packed. When you are using the sleeping bag without the interior bag- the backpack straps attached are perfect.

We made the closure of the sleeping bag a toggle/loop so that little fingers would not get pinched. However when using the interior bag with the sleeping bag rolled around it- please have an adult help to secure the toggle in the loop as it intentionally is harder to attach as we wanted the bag to be snug. They key is to start the first roll tightly to ensure a secure fit. Once rolled up the Buddy head can be placed on the velcro circle of the interior bag to secure.

We would love to hear any comments that you have about your new Buddy and if you are open to sharing any pictures of your family enjoying their Buddyz we would love to see those as well…

Sweet Dreams from our family to yours –