Our Story

We’re a family owned and operated company that began to solve our kid’s overpacking problem.
It all began when we were taking our first trip as a family of 5 with our 3 kids - all under the age of 6. As you may know, kids like to bring STUFF everywhere they go and our kids were no exception. They wanted to bring their stuffed animals, nightlights, toys, blankets and anything else they could convince us to bring along to make our trip a success. Before we knew it, there was no room left in our car… 
Sound familiar?
That’s when I came up with the concept for BuddyBagz. Hi, I’m Carly Drum O’Neill. 👋
Every step of the way, my kids have played an important part in creating each and every Buddyz. They helped me design and cuddle test each Buddyz, and their friends offered honest feedback to make each Buddyz even better. As for me, I’ve learned that involving family in my adventures makes them so much more fulfilling. 

Now, we are excited to offer BuddyBagz to you! Choose from 7 different Buddyz and 2 different PillowPalz that your child will love. And please let us know what you think. We love hearing from happy customers!

Sweet Dreams from our family to yours…
Carly, Mike, Taylor, Keira and AJ