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Monkey Buddy

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As a mom, I knew there had to be a better way to pack for my kiddos who would want to take every stuffed animal, bed linens and clothes when we traveled.

This take-a-long buddy pack was the perfect answer! With a built in duffel bag that helps parents and grandparents keep their little one's stuff organized and many other fun features such as a nightlight in the tail, BuddyBagz is a solution to the overly packing problem.

Not only that, you will have comfort knowing your child has everything they need whether they’re at a sleepover, weekend trip, or daycare  

Grab the Monkey Buddy for your child to be ready just in time for their next sleepover or trip to  grandma’s house! 

Features include:

  1. “Monkey Buddy” so your child can cuddle all night with their friend
  2. Comfy pillow
  3. Nightlight
  4. Secret compartment in the back of the “Buddyz” head for notes from a parent or a special toy to share with a friend
  5. Overnight bag which can be used to prop your child up to read and easily detaches to use with or without the sleeping bag
  6. Interior bag with two openings: one for packing and one for accessing the contents of the bag even when the sleeping bag is rolled up around it
  7. Toiletry bag
  8. Backpack straps that make the “Buddyz” convenient for your child to carry
  9. Sleeping bag unzips into a full blanket that can easily be used in the car or on the couch

Designed for ages 3-10 years old.

Washing instructions:   
All components of the sleeping bag are machine washable

25"W x 62"L
26 x 13 x 8 inches

We made each BuddyBagz with the love of a parent. We are so certain you and your child will love our sleeping bag kit that we offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee and returns. We guarantee you - your child will love their new buddyz!

Please note that this specific BuddyBagz does have backpack straps already attached and has a different model of the flashlight included.



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Kathy Henson
SO comfortable!!

I have bought many sleeping bags for my kids and they all end up in the trash or donation pile. BuddyBagz quality is the best! I will purchase again :)